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Learn about hosting a run

Does your group work to improve community health or health equity? Would your group like to help organize a local event for the WORLD HEALTH RUN while supporting your cause? Would you like to be a part of a global movement that helps inform and empower communities to be knowledgeable about and achieve health equity?

If so, we invite you to run with us for health equity.

Local events provide a key component to the success of the WORLD HEALTH RUN. An event in your community will create a focal point where all can enjoy running together in the name of health equity. As we run together to improve our own health, there is a simultaneous opportunity to create conversations about health equity and global health. The WORLD HEALTH RUN is a collection of Major Collaborative Partners who are closely affiliated with groups at the local level. We welcome all qualifying community-based or locally affiliate groups to apply to become a Local Event Host.

If your group is interested to learn more, acceptance as a Local Event Host requires that your group qualify in two steps:

A. Your organization must be eligible.

B. Your project must be approved.

A. Your group qualifies as a Local Event Host if you are a:

  • National Peace Corps Association Affiliate,
  • Rotary Club,
  • CUGH Member Institution or official student organization at a CUGH Member Institution,
  • Nonprofit Organization, University, School, or Other Nonprofit groups.

And you have a Human Health, Planetary Health, or Health Equity related mission with an approved project.

B. Your cause will profit by joining this collective movement.

In order to qualify as a Local Event Host, your group's project must be approved and your group will be required to provide a report on your project's impact. In doing so, through this WORLD HEALTH RUN official platform, you will be able to directly support your group’s cause. 

We are proud that WORLD HEALTH RUN is able to empower your local group and support the work that you are doing! You can register your group and your project for which you would like to advocate through the form below. We will consider projects that have a Human Health, Planetary Health, or Health Equity related mission. We will also confirm that your project does not have any conflicts of interest and that it aligns with WORLD HEALTH RUN’s mission. See the Local Event Host Manual for more details.

Defined Human Health, Planetary Health, or Health Equity related mission:

Clear and direct 

  1. health care procurement,
  2. health workforce education,
  3. community / client education,
  4. health systems strengthening,
  5. distribution of equipment, materials, or supplies,
  6. environmental or planetary health, or
  7. other health project consistent with the WORLD HEALTH RUN mission.

World Run, Inc. will help you make your run a success.

World Run, Inc. assists our Local Event Hosts with every step along the way. We teach our Local Event Hosts how to manage local events with our Event Production Manual, and we make it easy to market and promote local events with our Sales Kit. But collaboration doesn’t stop there—World Run, Inc. provides race registration, registration packets, merchandise, commemorative shirts & bibs, event insurance, and local race permits. We will work directly with your group to organize your race day include race route development, booth organization, water station planning, and set-up / clean-up coordination.

As a Local Event Host, you can help us achieve absolute success. We will guide you through the process of:

  • Recruiting runners: We will provide messaging and links through which members of your community can sign up directly under your name with no hassel. We will provide you with a “Local Run Kit” with materials that are clear and easy to use.
  • Collaborating with other groups: We will help you reach out to other clubs, chapters, and affiliate groups in your area so that you can collaborate in producing a WORLD HEALTH RUN event. Each group will benefit from their own recruitment and secured sponsorships
  • Identifying and securing local sponsors: We will provide messaging and materials through our “Local Run Kit” to help you reach out for support within your community and foster the relationships that will remain with you and bring your community together.
  • Race planning: We will work with members of your group in the months and weeks leading up to the race to make sure that everything is in place, the race plan is complete, and personnel are ready to go for race day tasks.
  • Race day execution: We will work very closely with your group leading up to race day to make sure that all coordination and production goes off without a hitch. We will have personnel available by phone if your team has questions or needs last minute support.
  • Project reporting: We know how hard you and your collaborators have worked to have a profound impact. We want to make sure that you can tell your story and describe the impact that you have had. We are proud to work with you. Let’s share what we have done together!

Are you ready to run with us for health equity?

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